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Christine provides one-on-one nutrition counseling from her office in Chico, Ca and online.  

She is not currently accepting insurance but can provide you with a superbill to submit to your insurance company for reimbursement. 

Nutrition Counseling

Christine will strive to empower patients to make nutrition-related changes to effectively manage their health condition while balancing their daily life. Using a whole foods based approach she guides each client to wellness.  

Areas of Speciality: 

Adult General Nutrition 

Type 1 and Type 2 Diabetes

Metabolic Disease

Cardiovascular Disease



Gluten Intolerance - Celiac Disease


Initial Consultation: During a typical initial appointment Christine will listen to each patient’s nutrition concerns and overall health goals.  A plan will be created alongside each patient to work towards each health-related goal. 

Follow-up Nutrition Appointments: Follow-up appointments are tailored to assist each patient in achieving success. During these sessions individualized nutrition goals are re-visited and progress is evaluated and tracked. Patient’s challenges are addressed and additional education, handouts, menu planning ideas and/or diet related behavioral counseling is provided. Many times follow-up can be provided via phone or e-mail but face to face visits can also be scheduled. 


Diabetes Education



Christine is skilled at working with both Type 1 and Type 2 Diabetes and knows the many challenges each patient can face on a day to day basis. She will guide each patient to improve their knowledge and skills, as well as, work through the ups and downs of diabetes. 

Areas of Specialty:

Diet Management for Glucose Balance

Glucose Pattern Management 

Insulin Pump and Continuous Glucose Monitoring 

Self-Diabetes Management skill building

Nutrition and Medications 

Working with your care provider she can assist with recommending therapeutic changes to improve outcomes.


During an initial visit Christine will listen to your diabetes-related goals and together we will make self-diabetes management care plan. There is no one path to improved diabetes control each patient has their own unique needs but beginning with the basics ensures you have knowledge and skill to help reach your goals. 


Nutrition Packages


“This is the first time I have felt in control of my diabetes I understand how food and how timing of my insulin injections affects my glucose control” 

—  Mike, Client with Type 1 Diabetes


Christine is a skilled presenter with a breath of experience from speaking to small groups to filled conference lecture halls. 



       Webinar Development


       Staff In-service 

Please e-mail

or call 530-588-0655 to discuss your group’s needs, presentation ideas, and for availability. 

Please note that fees vary by project.

Corporate Services
Christine provides a variety of workshops and seminars individualized to meet the needs of your company. General Wellness classes are held at your area of business and serve the needs of your diverse employee workforce. Classes can be tailored to increase employee’s awareness of healthy choices and assist each employee to reach their individualized health goals.

Please e-mail

or call 530-588-0655 to discuss your group’s needs, presentation ideas, and for availability. 

Please note that fees vary by project.

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